• Citizens' needs are shifting in the age of digital transformation.
  • The Internet of Things, machine learning and personalized information can change the way cities communicate information to their citizens.
  • Cities, like Buenos Aires and Detroit, have used technology to provide novel, real-time, predictive services to their citizens.
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With SAP solutions, a new generation of city and county executives, business leaders, academics, and not-for-profit stakeholders are transforming communities into smart communities that deliver better outcomes to all. By using cloud, Internet of Things, analytics, mobile, machine learning, and blockchain, these cities and counties can run more efficiently and effectively, help make it easier for businesses to thrive, and provide a safe environment for all citizens.

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Citizens are asking more of their cities. They want to be active participants in making decisions about how cities provide services. They want a seat at the table.

To put citizens first, cities must transform their business practices. They need digital tools to provide real-time data and new models for interaction. They need to change the way they collect, use, and analyze data.

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