Download the Stockton + Tulsa reports on the ten building blocks for innovation-based economic development

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Harnessing Innovation-based Economic Development


Today’s city leaders must adapt their economic development strategies to account for the rapid rise of technology. 

About the Building Blocks

CityLab Insights, working with expert David Zipper, had identified ten building blocks for innovation-based economic development. Working with the cities of Stockton and Tulsa the report lays out objective criteria to allow urban leaders to determine their city's relative sophistication and pinpoint strategic areas for improvement.

These reports provide guidance about ways city leaders around the world can evaluate their sophistication in particular categories with examples that have shown promise elsewhere.

"I was thrilled to partner with CityLab to explore the potential of Stockton, and understand how it compares to the experiences of other American cities. Collaborating with CityLab has provided us a blueprint-of-possibility for how the we can take leverage innovation for economic development. We’re excited to use this report to jumpstart the innovation conversation here, and continue to invest in the future of our community."

Michael Tubbs, 

Mayor of Stockton, CA

The Stockton and Tulsa Economic Innovation reports were created independently from CityLab's editorial team. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the CityLab editorial staff. See our Advertising Guidelines, or email to learn more.

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